What our customers are saying!

From Jennifer, China (Cartoon Portrait for work colleague):  “Just got the picture! Jay I am standing at the China border with tears streaming down my face … I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Heather is going to love it!!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you.  You are such a special woman to take in such details and use them like this.  Thank you thank you thank you again. There are people staring at me thinking I’ve gone nuts”.


From Keith, Sydney (Video Promo – on Youtube):  “It’s brilliant … can’t believe it!! Thanks so much. Love the way it concludes … so much to comment on!  We love it!  I took a still shot and put it on Facebook. It looks brilliant!  Thanks for your creativity … it’s been a big boost”.


From Tricia, Goulburn NSW (Cartoon Portrait for her son’s birthday):  “Oh … my … goodness!!!!! You are one talented lady!!! Thank you soooooooo much. When I opened it up I just couldn’t stop looking at my boy looking back at me!!! I’ve decided to get it professionally framed. I can’t mess around with a cheap frame when I have something that is so priceless! You are a God-send Doctor Jay. You have made me the happiest lady in Australia!! You make people very happy..how good are you!!!”

(Update: “Christopher’s birthday was yesterday. As expected, he was totally blown away, as were the rest of our family!!! The smile on his face and the excitement in his eyes was priceless.  He couldn’t rip the paper off quick enough when he recognised his forehead!! He loves it and spent several minutes picking out his things that you put in the picture…. he thinks he’s seen them all and then something else pops up! Also, I showed my work mates and they all stood around oooooing and aaaaaaing! You are a genius Doctor Jay..We owe you hours of smiles and happiness. I will sing your praises from the roof top!”)


From Lee, on behalf of herself and a group of work colleagues:  “We are ecstatic!  The picture is hanging on the wall here in the office and none of us can do any work because we can’t stop looking at it!! It’s fantastic.  And it’s SO BIG!  You have captured us all so perfectly and there is SO much detail.  Everybody’s come to look at it.  Thanks for the free cd.  We’ve all had our own copies made to hang up at home.  Thank you so much Doctor Jay for all the extra things you did for us without charge, coming and taking our photos and everything.  This has been a fun experience and we appreciate it so much. Thank you a million times!!!!”


From Ian, Sydney (Cartoon Portrait of family of four): “It is fantastic!  You are amazing!  Jane and I love it!  The whole family loved it.  Thank you also for the extra picture you did of the boys without charging us for that. They think it is magnificent, as it is!  They kept on seeing their things in the picture and were so excited!  They couldn’t sleep last night because they were looking at their picture on the wall!”


From Tracy, Canberra (Cartoon Portrait of her parents was sent to them in England):  “Hi Doc. Yes, finally the time came to give this great gift with all the anticipation you can imagine that mounted since we began talking about the details of the picture. The event did not disappoint. We all gathered around the webcam. Mum and Dad thought we were just having a chat when Kelly said we had a presentation to make, and Lorraine who was with them brought the wrapped picture into the room. They opened it and couldn’t believe what they saw!  The look on their faces was truly fantastic and we all spent ages talking about it over the webcam as they picked up on all the little details you put in and took in the brilliance of what you created for them. They said it was brilliant….and marvellous… they wanted to know all about you and they plan to take lots of pictures and send them to you.  I know I have said it before but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Doc. The picture is going to be a source of so much joy, happiness and admiration for us all for always. Take care and one last one  –  THANK YOU!!!”


From Lisa, Melbourne (Cartoon Portrait of family of five):  “Well what can I say!  You blew us all away with the picture.  The girls just couldn’t stop looking at it and saying how much it looks like us all.  It was fantastic and we are all very impressed and happy”.


From Ian, Adelaide (Cartoon Portrait for his website):  “This is Wonderful!  I appreciate it very much. My wife says it makes me look like the person she married!  I’ll get it on my website and I can’t wait to start getting some responses. You certainly have a wonderful talent and I am lucky to be a recipient of it”.


From Christina, Sydney (Cartoon Portrait for her husband’s birthday):  “Doug was SO VERY PLEASED with the picture.  He laughed and laughed and it was certainly a talking piece over lunch.  We had a great day and Doug was touched that I obviously had put thought into his present. Thanks again! It was a great success”.


From Cal, Goulburn (Cartoon Portrait of himself, a gift from his wife):  “Well just let me say that it takes an extra ordinary thing to impress me and you, my friend, impressed me with your art work.  The wife presented it to me for my 50th and I was gob smacked! It just captures the essence of me and I am so surprised that you captured that essence from a simple photo and some background research.  Having not met you, I am extremely impressed with your work and I will have to come and have a cuppa with you one day when I am in town.  We can’t have talent like yours going unrecognised and unpromoted.  Damn, you even put my picture on your website! All the very best for a great future and the making of fine art to hand down to the family for generations to come. Cal”.


From Ed, Kallangur (Cartoon Portrait of two friends for their wedding anniversary):  “Yeah!!!  Got it today!!! Thanks for looking after me again.  I really appreciate it.  Great Great work again.. Very very talented you are!  They are speechless! And over the moon! We have really made a difference to their life.  The caricatures are proudly hanging on their wall in the lounge room and they just love them and could not thank me enough.  Thanks Dr Jay, you brought more tears of happiness to the world..thank you!”


From Susan, Taree (Cartoon Portrait of the family):  “I just got home from a weekend away to find your MASTERPIECE.  I am ABSOLUTELY THRILLED.  Thank you so much Doc. MANY THANKS!”


From Kate, Lauren Catherine and Bec (re Cartooning Workshop):  “Dear Doctor Jay, When is the next workshop?  We want to do it again it was so fantastic. And you are so funny.  You made us laugh so much it hurt. You made your cartoons come alive and we have been practicing and our teachers are impressed  Thanks for all the help you gave us. And definitely book us in for the next workshop. We can’t wait!!!!!!”


From Katherine, New Zealand (Cartoon Portrait of biker husband and herself):  “We are utterly amazed and wowed!  The portrait is so much more than we expected. We absolutely love it!”


From Paul, Taren Point (Serious portrait of his dog):  “I am SOOOOOO delighted  It’s a 99.9999% likeness!!! It’s wonderful.  Thank you so much!”


From John, Goulburn (Serious portrait of his wombat): “My wife was so happy with the portrait, she cried!!  It is definitely ‘our Daphne’.  Thank you so very much”.


From Jacquie, Sydney (Cartoon Portrait of her brother):  “… (he) really loved his present.  He was totally excited when he got it.  He showed all his old club friends and his touch footy friends and mum ran off with it to show all the relatives!  Everyone thought it was awesome!  Thank you again for all the other things you did and for doing such a great job in such a short time. The drawing is fantastic.  So thank you again and when another special birthday or event comes up, you will be hearing from me for sure!”


From Bruce, Tasmania (Cartoon Portrait of him and his wife):  “We are delighted with the cartoon portrait.  I can’t thank you enough.  I showed your work to our grandchildren and they think it is wicked. High praise indeed!”


From Mariah, Melbourne (Cartoon Portrait of herself):  “A++++++ Extremely talented!!  Fantastic!  I am Very Very happy. Thank you Doctor Jay!”


From Ava, North Carolina, USA (Cartoon Portrait of herself):  “Ooooooh I loe it!! Jay, this is great!  There’s no mistaking who it is.  It’s DEFINITELY “me”.  I’ve seen a lot of caricatures over the years but none that I like nearly as much as this one… that’s what is so amazing.  I don’t usually like pictures of me!  But this one is great.  You did a wonderful job and I sincerely love it! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”