What you need to know

According to the feedback we have received over many years, having a caricature or cartoon portrait done is an “experience” … it’s always fun and we love engaging with our customers to make their picture special and personalised.

We don’t do generic artwork … for example, if we are drawing your Harley Davidson Electra Glide, that’s exactly what you will get!  No “clip art” style bikes. We go to great lengths to customise your picture. That’s why drawing time takes a lot longer than the picture you can get in 20 minutes at the Easter Show.  It’s a bit like comparing apples and oranges.

For the best outcome, please email us a very clear close-up photo of the subject, in high resolution (300dpi).  We’ll then talk with you about the subject and find out what you would like in the picture and what size you would like it to be.


Like any online purchase, we request upfront payment-in-full before the work begins please.

We are quite versatile and can do a “caricature” instead of a cartoon portrait. A caricature is where facial features are exaggerated.

The possibilities and options are limitless. We are here to put your ideas and imagination into reality! We can provide you with a large picture and also incorporate the design into special occasion invitations, business cards, motor vehicle advertising, signage … anything.